Welcome to GreenAcres Media & Technology, LLC.

We focus on providing podcasts, written articles, video tutorials, and courses aimed at helping you succeed in the mobile and new media world.


GreenAcres Media & Technology, LLC


Blogs, e-commerce, podcasts, streaming video, and mobile have changed the landscape of our online adventures. The components of new media equate to a fast moving industry that everyone from our children to our bosses, schools and marketers, is making use of and consuming every single day.

If our world was small before, it’s become even smaller now. New media including social, video, and podcasts are allowing us to reach our customers, reach our friends and family, reach our audience, in a whole new way. These methods allow for a much more intimate conversation, a deeper connection with those we are aiming to connect with.

That’s powerful stuff.

Sometimes, however, the technology behind these solutions can be daunting. You know what you want to say, how you want to say it, but when that microphone stops working or iTunes stops updating your show in their store, knowing who to ask or where to get answers can be almost impossible, not to mention the misinformed or outdated information that plagues our Google searches when we look for help.

That’s where GM&T comes in.

We aim to provide you with the knowledge and tools you need to get your new media project working for you, so you can focus on what you want to say to your audience.

Hi! I’m Krystal…

…so nice to virtually meet you! I have a few passions in life, horses… music… the outdoors… technology… family… I’ve found that regardless of the topic, one of my best talents is teaching. Working at Libsyn, I’ve had the opportunity to really expand on that talent, to put it to good use. I’ve spent years writing tutorials, generating videos, creating webinars and training series. There is just something super special when you see the lightbulb go off in your student and know that you’ve helped them achieve exactly what they needed to achieve. My sincere hope is that through GM&T’s podcast series, webinars, video tutorials, and other material that will be put out, you find that thing you’ve always wanted to know. You will find that thing, that technical roadblock, that helps you produce that podcast, create that great looking video, get more done on the go with that iPad.